Kinder 1


Concentration and self-confidence  
This martial art enables a good posture, improved self-confidence and concentration. The children are taught how to behave correctly in emergency situations and are able, through exercise and the combat cry (Kijup), to reduce aggression and hyperactivity. Hypoactive children become more alert. The improvement of spatial orientation, quick thinking and the reduction of fear and anxiety are the aims of our training.

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Jugendliche 4


Cool moves and acrobatics
Teenagers are full of energy. The focus here is on high kicks, twist and jump combinations, high speed fighting techniques and acrobatics such as handstands, backflips and much more. Check out our acrobatic training to learn the cool moves you would normally see in action movies.

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Erwachsene 1


Fitness, health and stress reduction
This martial art helps reduce daily stress and creates harmony and contentment. The benefits are not only a great body, but also the prevention of a burnout and chronic fatigue. The immune system is activated and blood flows through to the vital organs, thus stimulating your “Chi” (life-energy), while the joint pain, back pain and bad posture that are associated with daily stress, it can all be eliminated, whether at work or at home ,with our training. We look forward to your visit!

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Senioren 14

Senior Citizens

Health and increased quality of Life
Do you really think you are too old? Then why not visit us as soon as you can and you might be surprised by your inner youthfulness - indeed, you are much younger than you think you are! Our training, along with its controlled and precise exercise techniques, prevents arthritis, improves your agility and coordination. It increases strength while various training patterns keep you mentally fit. Training alongside various generations helps improve one´s mood and spirit. With us, you can and will improve your quality of life! You will remain young in both body and mind and at the same time learn how to defend yourself effectively at the same time.

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Familien 1


Health and lifestyle

Do you feel as though you have no time for yourself because of your family? Do you sometimes, more often than intended, put your kids needs in front of your own? We have a solution. You now have the chance to pursue a healthy, diserve and exciting hobby along with your kinds.We look forward to getting to know you and your family!

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