22 Doubts or concerns that may holding you back on your way to becoming a black belt
1. I am unsporty. How can I even do this? First things first you you don´t need to be particularly fit or athletic to start GFBB. You don´t need to know anything about Taekwondo or martial arts. All that matters is that you are open to new experiences that can change your whole life. The video-lessons are based on your current skill level - it means you will learn everything for the basics.

2. I am too old to start martial arts.

No your not! Some of your oldest members made it through. You can start with your own terms and conditions. No matter how old you are Taekwondo training keeps you fit and agile.

3. I am not willing to train alone.  You will not be alone, we got a growing, international community of taekwondo enthusiasts on GFBB. You can exchange ideas with other GFBB members, make friends and form training communities.

 4. I have no motivation left to stick with it. For beginners, it can take some effort to start exercising regularly because your body and mind are not yet ready for it. When you start training and get involved, you will soon experience the many positive effects. This will make you realize what you can accomplish.

If you still have a low motivation, we will support you to get out of it: As a GFBB member, you will always receive new live videos in which Sabomnim gives you an additional motivational boost. In the forum you can network with other members, which gives you additional drive.

In addition, there is the goal to the next belt, private lessons, regularly scheduled meetings worldwide, and much more. 

5. My partner or friends think it is unserious to learn a martial art via online.  Show them our website or invite them to join GFBB!  This way you can spend time together actively and get fitter.

However, it is important that you begin the path to black belt first and foremost for yourself. You will become healthier, stronger, more confident, and more successful. This change will also be noticed by the people in your life. Only you decide in which direction your life will go! Don´t be put off by what others think about it.

6.  Online classes are too complicated for me.

Go For Black Belt is intentionally designed to be simple and user-friendly so you can focus on your training. The videos run in the browser, whether you are using a Windows PC or a Mac. If you have technical problems or something doesn´t work as expected, you can contact our support team.

7. Steht hinter Go For Black Belt ein echter Taekwondo-Meister?

Go For Black Belt beruht auf der jahrzehntelangen Erfahrung von Großmeister Dr. Andreas Held. Vor GFBB hat er bereits 25 Taekwondo-Schulen mit tausenden SchülerInnen aufgebaut.

8. I don´t think I learn as much  via online-classes as in a real martial arts school. Go For Black Belt is more than an online class: it´s a world-unique teaching system that takes you from white belt to black belt through detailed instructional videos. The videos teach all aspects of traditional Taekwondo and beyond. It covers basic techniques, breaking tests, hyongs, self-protection and acrobatics.

You can repeat the instructional videos at any time and adjust them to your learning speed. Unlike in a martial arts school, the instructor has to keep an entire group in mind. At GFBB you are the center of attention and we always pick you up in the videos exactly at your current level of knowledge! You can only learn Taekwondo in this intensive and holistic form here.

9. I do not know if I am doing the exercises correctly.

Our instructional videos are very detailed and shot from multiple perspectives. So you can follow every movement exactly. If you are unsure, you can always book a private lesson. A trainer will then support you via webcam to perfect your movements. Book your private lesson here.

Even during the test, you will get feedback from the master or trainer on whether you are executing the techniques correctly. The videos themselves are so well recorded that no technique gap can arise here.

10. I don´t have time to do workouts .  A great advantage of Go For Black Belt is that the training adapts to your schedule and not the other way around. As soon as you have time in between, you can start the current instructional video at the right place and jump right in. This gives you the opportunity to use even short time slots to prepare for your next belt exam.

11. I don´t have a place to exercise at home.

You don´t need much space to train with GFBB. Just about 4 m² is enough to perform all the important techniques and exercises.

12. How can I check my progress?  After logging in, you can see in the member area which student grade you have already reached. Beginners start in Taekwondo with the white belt, as a master you may wear the black belt. The color of your belt shows you how close you are to the master level.

In the members area you can see the requirements for your next exam. So you always know in which areas you should still work on yourself.

13. I already practice another sport.
As a flexible online offering, Go For Black Belt is perfect for complementing other sporting activities. Many sports, such as cycling or soccer, focus on specific movements and don´t work out the whole body. Taekwondo training allows you to balance one-sided stresses and enjoy your favorite sport longer

14. The membership is too expensive for me.

GFBB membership is cheaper per month than gym membership or most sports clubs. If you choose the membership around 14,95 Euro and train four times a week, each Taekwondo unit will cost you less than 0,90 Euro! For this price you get a high quality, internationally recognized training program all around around the clock.

There are already worldwide events for many years. Starting in 2020, we are planning training camps, tournaments and more. If you have any ideas about which location would be particularly suitable for this, we would be happy to receive your mail!

15. How can I learn a martial art without a training partner?

For belt exams and some exercises you need a training partner. This role can be played by a friend, family member or work colleague. Important: GFBB training partners do not have to be particularly strong or athletic. Everything your training partner needs to know, he or she will learn through the instructional videos.

16. I don´t know Taekwondo. Is it  dangerous?

No, the risk of injury is lower than in sports like soccer, running or volleyball. This is because in Taekwondo we perform each movement in a conscious and controlled way. The exercises always correspond to your skill level, so you understand and can follow all the sequences. GFBB contains free-fighting elements, without hitting the opponent with force.

17. How can I register for the belt exam online?

As soon as you feel ready, you can sign up for the exam online. We will send you everything you need in advance by mail: the board for the breaking test, the new belt and the certificate. On the agreed date, your master is connected to you via webcam and sees whether you meet all the examination requirements. This is how a belt exam on GFBB works.

18. My internet connection is probably not fast enough. If you can watch YouTube videos, for example, the speed is sufficient for GFBB. If your internet connection is slow, you can wait for the educational videos to load into the cache and then play them without interruption.

19. I don´t have a webcam.

You can get webcams of sufficient quality for as little as 15-20 euros.

20. I don´t have a projector and screen to play the videos.

You can also watch the educational videos on the computer screen. If you already have a projector, you can use a white wall or a white sheet as a projection surface.

21. I would like to understand the philosophy and culture of Taekwondo better.

As a GFBB student, you will incidentally learn the background of traditional Taekwondo. For example, the names of the hyongs refer to Korean history and mythology. In the instructional videos you will learn, among other things, which terms and rituals there are in Taekwondo and what they mean.

22. Is the GFBB black belt internationally recognized?

After passing each belt exam, you will receive a GFBB certificate confirming your level of knowledge. In all traditional world federations existing worldwide, our certificates are seamlessly recognized. Even in the international Taekwondo federations ITF and WT our certificates are recognized again and again without any problems.