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How GoForBlackBelt works

Welcome to "Go for Black Belt", the comprehensive online Taekwondo course that guides you step by step on your journey to black belt. Our program offers you a variety of learning materials and exercises that are tailored to your individual needs. Discover the various categories that will make you a master of your martial art.

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Over 100 learning videos that will help you progress to the next belt level.

Our comprehensive video library with over 100 detailed instructional videos will guide you step by step through all the techniques and movements you need to acquire for the black belt. From basics to advanced techniques - learn and deepen your knowledge anytime and at your own pace.

Professional Videos for every level

We continuously provide you with new, professional training videos tailored to different levels of experience - from beginners to advanced and dan holders. This allows you to constantly develop and improve your skills, regardless of your current level. Furthermore, we ensure that it remains challenging even at higher belt levels. Train with our experienced teachers in the virtual Dojang whenever you want.

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Get access to exclusive bonus materials that help you expand and deepen your skills. These include videos and guides on topics such as stretching, technique intensification (e.g. striking techniques), meditation, sports and nutrition tips. Use these resources to complement your training plan and gain a holistic understanding of Taekwondo.

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With our progress tracking system, you always have an overview of your learning progress and training hours. The system automatically recognizes how far away you are from the next examination. Be motivated and inspired by tracking your progress and working towards your next goal. Additionally, our progress tracking system provides a practical feature that shows you how many calories you burned during your training. So, not only do you keep track of your technical progress, but you can also effectively pursue your fitness goals.

Your Exam

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Prepare for your belt tests and take them online, comfortably from home. Our experienced examiners evaluate your performance and provide valuable feedback so you know exactly what to work on to reach the next belt level.

After passing each belt exam, you will receive a GFBB certificate that confirms your level of knowledge. Our certificates enjoy broad international recognition and are seamlessly accepted by all traditional world federations worldwide. In addition, international Taekwondo federations ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) and WT (World Taekwondo) also easily recognize our certificates. With a GFBB certificate, you can be sure that your performance and level of knowledge in Taekwondo are recognized and respected worldwide.

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What you'll learn additionally

Values & Philosophy

Our online Taekwondo course "Go for Black Belt" places great emphasis on imparting the fundamental values and philosophy of Taekwondo. We believe that a deep engagement with these aspects is essential to becoming a holistic martial artist. Learn and integrate discipline, respect, integrity, perseverance, and self-control into your training and daily practice to grow not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.


self-defense and self-protection

In addition to teaching techniques and movements, we place special emphasis in our online course on training self-defense and self-protection skills. Our experts show you how to effectively defend and protect yourself in different situations, in order to strengthen your self-confidence and safety in everyday life. By learning self-defense techniques, you will be able to ward off potential threats and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Break test

The Taekwondo breaking test is a spectacular discipline that not only looks impressive, but also requires a high level of concentration, body control, and technique. The feeling of breaking a board or brick with a precise strike is indescribable and gives an incredible sense of strength and self-confidence.


However, the breaking test is not only an impressive trick, but also an important technique in Taekwondo. It serves to improve and perfect a student's power, speed, and precision. By learning this technique, you can not only improve your physical abilities, but also strengthen your self-confidence and expand your mental limits.


So, if you're ready to push your limits and perfect your skills in Taekwondo, then learn the breaking test! With the support of our passionate coaching team at Yu Taekwondo and our interactive learning platform, you will learn how to master this technique in no time.

Your current belt: 10 Kup

The White Belt (10th KUP) symbolizes the beginning of your Taekwondo journey and represents purity and innocence. When you receive the White Belt, we trust you and open the doors to a world full of new skills and knowledge.


Upon reaching the 9th KUP, the White-Yellow Belt, as a student, you return that trust. This demonstrates that you have learned the fundamental techniques and are ready to continue growing and facing the challenge of fully realizing your potential as a Taekwondo student.

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10th Kup - Whitebelt:
Symbolic meaning: 'White stands for ignorance, a blank slate'

Learning contents: Basic stances (Jase), fundamental movements (Gibon dongjak), simple self-defense techniques (Hosinsul)

Effects: Body control, balance, fundamental understanding of Taekwondo

Progress: Ability to perform basic techniques and develop Taekwondo discipline.
1. Dan - Blackbelt
First Master Level

Symbolic Meaning: 'Malleable metal is taken out of the fire and forged into a sword'

Learning Contents: Poomsae Koryo, advanced sparring techniques (Gyeorugi), complex self-defense (Hosinsul), introduction to Taekwondo philosophy, first-aid basics, Taekwondo teaching (Gyosa)

Effects: Mastery in techniques, mental clarity, sense of responsibility, refinement of Taekwondo values

Progress: Mastery of Poomsae Koryo, ability to lead Taekwondo classes, comprehensive understanding of Taekwondo principles and philosophy
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