With GFBB you can access a training program that isn´t available anywhere else. Through our video courses you will receive a step-by-step tutorial that explains how to perform and learn taekwondo as effectively as possible.


On the way to your black belt in taekwondo you can access up to 72 instructional videos! You are able to watch these videos as often as you want and, most importantly, continue practicing until you can perform the exercises off by heart. Only then can you take one step further. It is advised to cross train by running once a week and attending regular training courses in taekwondo. Furthermore, what helps is to take on life-affirming habits such as cutting out alcohol, nicotine and pursuing a healthy diet. In addition, make sure you watch our live broadcasts every week and, of course, take part in all the exercises. If your schedule and budget allows it, come and visit our seminars, workshops and camps. From 2022 on we plan to offer these globally at various places around the world.


  1. Proper exercise strengthens our body, massages and detoxifies our internal organs.
  2. Exercise improves our visual and spatial intelligence - thinking about moving the body promotes our creative power, willpower and adaptability.
  3. Intense breathing leads to harmony and relaxation throughout the body and mind.
  4. Our system at GFBB was developed to help one re-learn to move, breathe and think properly.
  5. The GFBB system makes you flexible, both physically and mentally.
  6. You can learn it anytime, anywhere - regardless of your age, talent or athletic condition.
  7. You will gain more vitality and also improve your health and overall well-being.
  8. On top of all these advantages you will also learn how to defend yourself!

Through the harmony of the body and mind, one is capable of reaching his or her highest achievements. GFBB is not just a martial arts form or a self defence program, it is a way of life that leads to a healthy, dynamic body, a content soul and an invincible spirit.

You can find more effects on the mind, body and soul here.


  • The HYONG (a stylised, fixed pattern against an imaginary opponent) serves to increase the concentration and contains all basic technical forms. The mind is engaged through physical movement. The same idea is applied to the so-called POOMSE.
  • The HYONG WITH MUSIC additionally trains the sense of rhythm and gives the Hyong a more emotional touch. It also allows us to present unique performances.
  • BOARD BREAKING (Kyek Pa) trains us not only to focus on a goal, but how to achieve it. Assertiveness and willpower are built up to the extreme and the mind is stabilized.
  • FREE FIGHT with and without body contact strengthens our decision-making power. It teaches us to assess the opponent correctly and to react according to the opponent’s movements (this is also useful in everyday life).
  • The STICK FIGHT (Shinai) is taught to advanced students. Here, the stick serves as another way of developing and strengthening physical and mental abilities.
  • Techniques for KNIFE DEFENSE is another element of self-defense that helps to train and increase responsiveness.
  • MOTION AESTHETIC / ACROBATICS is particularly popular among children, adolescents and young adults, as they are able to learn the spectacular techniques one sees in martial arts films.
  • The Korean TaiChi = KIMOODO is a teaching unit with meditative elements for persons 50+ and all those who want to slow things down. It is an ancient Korean healing art.
  • Special GYMNASTIC methods build up the back and the joints and help in combination with ancient and modern breathing techniques as well as targeted organ massage to produce a noticeably improved state of health.

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