The martial art taekwondo is our passion. This is why we exclusively offer our students the following benefits:

  • Worldwide access to this versatile martial art
  • Optimizing our student´s progress
  • GFBB is a large community that exchanges its ideas and information through forums, regular seminars and training camps

With GFBB we want to provide an opportunity for people of all ages to learn the martial art taekwondo, no matter where they are in the world, or what time they chose to practice this sport.

This particular Korean martial art covers a wide variety of training including fitness, areobic conditioning, coordination training, stretching and self defence. In addition to these various coachings, taekwondo is also proven to strengthen both the mind and the body.

This ONLINE TEACHING SYSTEM is so well thought through that one can access training content in a very short period of time. This content would otherwise be taught over many years of consistent training.

With each new instructional video, the student’s current level is assessed and they are then given the opportunity to advance to the next level that the student desires to be at.

This guarantees an efficient progress as well as diligent training of the student. In addition to the instructional videos, one can also access weekly recordings of trainings!

This further enhances the understanding of technique and a creates a feeling of being part of a live training session!

In addition, these live broadcasts are renewed weekly and one is, fully up to date with the current teaching content of the GFBB system.

We have set up a large forum where topics can be discussed and friendships can be established and deepened! There are regular seminars, workshops and training camps around the world that are currently being planned!

We look forward to meeting you,
Your GFBB team

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