Taekwondo training has made me more agile, more and more focused. The self-defence aspect is especially important for me. The Go-For-Black-Belt training program is very convenient as it allows me to train even when I am travelling. The training clears my mind after long meetings and relieves me of stress.

Dagmar Hengl, 43 Doctors without borders

I visit the Dojang regularly, however during my vacations I usually visit my grandmother in Vorarlberg and am not able to attend classes. The Go-For-Black-Belt program allows me to work out during the holidays so that I am not out of practice. I think the training program is really great!

Rosa Rauch, 13 High school pupil

We train as a family of three and are extremely enthusiastic about Go-For-Black-Belt. Due to the high quality content that is produced and Sabomnim’s explaintions, the system animates us to train more often.By training at home with GFBB, we can improve our technique and as a family we are now totally flexible when it comes to in our schedule. GFBB is unique worldwide and we can warmly recommend it to anyone who is interested in starting taekwondo.

The L. family

Taekwondo is the perfect sport for me. The variety of techniques are great fun and keep my mind and body fit. As a self-employed entrepreneur, I often go on business trips, but with the well-explained Go-For-Black-Belt training program, I can work out, simply and practically, at any time in my hotel. This way, I am not out of practice and am able to keep the Hyongs fresh in mind.

Simon A., 37 Entrepreneur

Since starting taekwondo, not only do I feel fitter, but also mentally stronger and more stable. Regular training and the variety offered by this sport have has given me far more vitality. I can recommend the Go-For-Black-Belt training program to any woman who, like me, travels often, but still wants the opportunity of having a regular martial art workout.

Sandra Dussler, 40 Pharmaceutical company

My daughter trained in taekwondo, but very irregularly because I had to bring her to the taekwondo studio myself and my schedule often didn’t allow his. I, too, wanted to try out taekwondo to get more active. This has all been possible through Go-For-Black-Belt. Both my daughter and I train together and individually. Thanks to the well-coordinated training program, we can each decide on our own points of focus in training.

Peter und Emilie S. Construction facility manager

I am 14 years old and I started to train taekwondo when I was five years old. My big goal in life is to take part in the Olympic Games within the next few years. Due to the long commute betweenmy school and the taekwondo studio I am only able to train with the team during weekends. Go-For-Black-Belt has been a saviour for my dream to take part in the Olympics. It’s various training programs and specifically developed programs for different belt levels has helped me work towards my dream. Since training with GFBB, I feel as though my style has become much more athletic.

Ipek D. School pupil

Taekwondo training has made me far more agile, fitter and focused. The self-defence aspect is especially important to me. Training with Go-For-Black-Belt is really convenient. It allows me to train while travelling and helps me to clear my mind after long meetings.

Elisabeth B. Doctor

I am a keen taekwondo student. By training regulary I feel much more balanced and it takes my mind off my stressful work routine. My closest taekwondo studio requires a long commute, so it is not possible for me to visit it on a regular basis. However, with the Go-For-Black-Belt training program I can train at home and keep up my training regime.

Peter H. Agriculturalist

I live in England and I like Go-For-Black-Belt because it enables me to continue training taekwondo here. With Go-For-Black-Belt I have already achieved the 7th Kup

Luisa, 6 Student