Videos zum 1. Kup

zum 1. Kup

The 1st Kup is the highest school level. Enjoy it to its full - for after this, you will become a Master your whole life long. Refine all the techniques that you have learned during your progress through all the school levels and perfect these. Always give the best in each and every situation in your life. After a few months of hard training, you will be free to enter onto the level of Master. Because it is really only from your Black Belt that things get started. As a 1st Dan you are a beginner Master and I, Grand Master and System Director, Dr. Andreas Held, welcome you warmly to the world of MASTER.

Training Video 62

In this video we show you
2 Ilbo Taeryon, Hosinsul, the 12th Hyong, Kimodoo with the stick, the 10th Hyong in front and meditation exercises.

Training Video 63

This instructional video shows you effective free fighting techniques. Kimoodo with stick, Hosinsul are also explained and the 10th Hyong and meditation are practiced in exercises.

Training Video 64

In this video you will learn techniques for free fight, exercises for the 7th Poomsae and an energy exercise (breathing exercises through the nose).

Training Video 65

In this video you will be taught hand edge techniques, YU fight techniques and meditation exercises. You will also see how to use the 10th Hyong correctly in a fight.

Training Video 66

In this teaching video we show you some combinations and meditation exercises. We also explain what the "virtue of humility" means exactly.

Training Video 67

In this video we deal with throwing, acrobatics and power breathing exercises. Also explained are the topics of free combat with 5 Ilbo techniques, the virtue of enthusiasm and 5 general questions from various areas.

Training Video 68

In this instructional video you will be shown a number of combinations and preliminary exercises for the 1st Kup Breaking Test.

Training Video 69

In this instructional video,would be different combinations of techniques are shown.

Training Video 70

The topics in this instructional video are
Nerio combinations, self-defence and sports kinesiology exercises.

Training Video 71

In this instructional video we show you different combinations of techniques.

Training Video 72

This instructional video offers you combinations, exercises for the eyes from sports kinesiology, different Ilbo Taeryon and we explain what the belt colour "POOM" means.