Videos zum 2. Kup

zum 2. Kup

Red, the signal color. You are "more dangerous" than you think and you should thus work now on two things: control of your body and control of your emotions. In an emergency situation, use moderate force against your opponent and learn to control yourself - in such situations, the best fight is the "fight that never happens."

Training Video 50

The themes of this versatile video are grip techniques, combinations, stick exercises, throwing techniques and the 10th Hyong with music.

Training Video 51

Great progress in handling the stick is guaranteed in this video. Furthermore, there will be many Ilbo Taeryon.

Training Video 52

Focus of this video are knife defense techniques and the Poomsae 7. Also new values and virtues are the subject.

Training Video 53

We wish you much joy with exercises for the 11th Hyong, Ilbo Taeryon, Hosinsul and the 9th Hyong in front.

Training Video 54

We would like to introduce you to this video in the areas Ilbo Taeryon, 11. Hyong, 9. Hyong in combat and many kicks.

Training Video 55

This instructional video shows you several defenses, the 1st Hyong special and many techniques from the bottom layer.

Training Video 56

Look forward to several combinations, another variant of the 1st Hyong special and a few free-fight exercises.

Training Video 57

Also this video trains you in the combination understanding and prepares you especially in the break test and in the Ilbo Taeryon on the 2. Kup.

Training Video 58

Free fight and many combinations are content of this instructional video. Also we will start here with the 2nd Hyong special.

Training Video 59

Great exercises await you in this video: 2. Hyong special, Hupkick, acrobatics, combinations, exercises for the 3rd Hyong special and bounce.

Training Video 60

This video accompanies you on the way to the 2nd Kup and includes the 3rd Hyong special, many energy and fitness exercises, combinations and the complete explanation of the examination regulations for the 2nd Kup. Have fun

Training Video 61

In this video you will learn new free-fighting and one-step-fighting techniques. We also start with the first Hosinsul hyong.