Videos zum 3. Kup

zum 3. Kup

The color of opposites. The fire makes itself known. Your Chi, your life-energy has increased noticeably. You can execute techniques accurately and quickly and with a high level of energy. You can now bring the water to evaporate by increasing your life-energy even more through intensifying your training.

Training Video 40

We deal here with valuable free-combat exercises to 90%.

Training Video 41

Free fight, free fight, free fight, mixed with coordination, values and coordination bring the students a big step forward in this instructional video.

Training Video 42

Nutrition, Reaction, All Ninth Hyong Exercises and Target Exercises are taught to you in a highly professional manner.

Training Video 43

A lot of variety is offered here with orientation exercises, the 9th Hyong, combinations and exercises for the 6th Poomse.

Training Video 44

This lesson offers you many combinations, as well as the 6th Hyong in front and the 6th Poomse.

Training Video 45

The 8th Hyong in combat, energy exercises and knife defense techniques beam you to the next level.

Training Video 46

Stick and energy exercises accompany you through this video.

Training Video 47

We have a very varied program here: Stock defense, Ilbo Taeryon, liberation techniques, exercises for the 10th Hyong and the 9th Hyong with music.

Training Video 48

Do not miss the contents of this video: Exercises for the 10th Hyong Part 2, Liberation Techniques, Ilbo Taeryon and Breakthrough Preparations for the 360 ° heel strike.

Training Video 49

Look forward to advances in free combat and in the field of weaponry. Towards the end of the video, we will again explain to you exactly the examination regulations for the 3rd Kup.