Videos zum 4. Kup

zum 4. Kup

The color of the sky, the view over things, but also the color of water, the flow of ability. Your technique palette has become very extensive, you are now an advanced student. You are also able to impart your own knowledge to others well and you live your daily life according to the values you have learned. You have managed to make automatic many techniques and can execute these without thinking. This ability characterizes a good fighter and, above all, offers an excellent defense in dangerous situations.

Training Video 31

Values, strangle defense, 5th Poomse, acrobatics and a lot of kick combinations are the subject of this instructional video.

Training Video 32

8. Hyong in theory and practice, self-protection, fall school and kick combinations are taught here.

Training Video 33

Content of this video are Combinations, Self-Protection and Double Ap Chagis. Look forward to new exercises from the Kimodoo.

Training Video 34

Here we teach you street fighting techniques, self-protection, combinations and the 8th Hyong in front and the 7th Hyong with music.

Training Video 35

Look forward to many combinations, acrobatics and self-protection.

Training Video 36

These instructional videos show you a lot of combinations and finally some new relaxation exercises.

Training Video 37

Combinations, fitness and the Superman break test are taught in this video.

Training Video 38

On the program are many many combinations and a great freestyle exercise. We look forward to you.

Training Video 39

Free fight, combinations and the examination regulations to the next stage are content of this teaching unit.