Videos zum 5. Kup

zum 5. Kup

Green-blue, the plant is at full sap, you are beginning to grow and to flourish and bear the first fruits. This color symbolizes the highest beginner level. You have the ability to grasp a wide range of techniques quickly and your perceptive capabilities are swifter.

Training Video 23

Combinations, values, exercises for the 6th Hyong and the 5th Hyong with music accompany you in this instructional video.

Training Video 24

The 6th Hyong in theory and practice, combinations and weapons customers are part of this lesson.

Training Video 25

We teach you how to handle stick and knife, as well as exercises for Poomse 4 and Hyong 7.

Training Video 26

The focus is on the 7th Hyong and 4th Poomse, Ilbo Taeryon and reaction exercises. Finally, a digression in the self-protection.

Training Video 27

This instructional video teaches kick combinations, acrobatics and self-protection. In addition, fitness exercises and the 6th Hyong are trained in music.

Training Video 28

Many combinations, self-protection and workout are on the program.

Training Video 29

This instructional video includes many great combinations.

Training Video 30

5. Poomse and a lot of self-defense theory are on the program, before we explain to you again exactly the examination regulations.