Videos zum 6. Kup

zum 6. Kup

At this level you are already able to execute a number of forms (Hyongs or Poomse), one-step fights, standardized free-fight situations, grip techniques and, above all, you have are fitter and have become more alert in your daily life.

Training Video 16

Look forward to several Yop Chagi combinations and suspension exercises for your coordination refinement. Hyong with music and exercises for the 5th Hyong will also be treated in this lesson.

Training Video 17

On the program are the 5th Hyong, balance exercises, partner exercises, Ilbo Taeryon, as well as the Poomse 3 and Hyong 2 in combat.

Training Video 18

We wish you a lot of fun with exercises for foot posture, breathing, balance and 3 kick - 3 kick.

Training Video 19

This video features a variety of hand shots, orientation exercises, liberation attacks when attacking the hair, and double block Sudo-Yoksudo exercises. Furthermore, exercises are practiced and the first beginner exercises are practiced in Kimodoo, an ancient Korean healing art.

Training Video 20

Deal again with the double block Sudo-Yoksudo, Kimodoo, Dip Chagi and heel flip flops. Theory for the 5th Hyong and Anerio-Nerio combinations are also part of this instructional video.

Training Video 21

Fitness, values and self-protection are the content of this video. Also look forward to great sudo combinations.

Training Video 22

The theme includes: hand-setting, fist-protection combinations, yin-yang exercises and kung-fu exercises. We will also perform Kimodoo with music, partner exercises and balance exercises, and the 4th Hyong with music. In the end, you will also be told exactly what your tasks will be for the next exam. I wish you success!