Videos zum 7. Kup

zum 7. Kup

This level brings the color green into play. Green is the symbol for growth. The first techniques are consolidated, become automatic for you and you are able to carry them out more swiftly. You receive an extensive palette of new techniques and you are able to understand relatively fast, complex combinations of movements.

Training Video 10

Refine your foot positions in the kicks and expand your knowledge of the grips.

Training Video 11

The first free-fire basic exercises and kick kicks are content of this video, as well as content for Hyong and Poomse.

Training Video 12

This educational video tries to arouse your interest in non-violent communication. We also deal with Ilbo Taeryon, acrobatics, balance and the first elbow techniques.

Training Video 13

Educate yourself in fitness, orientation and coordination. In addition, we would like to invite you to work on your character and give you even a theoretical review of the first 4 Hyongs on the way.

Training Video 14

Fitness, orientation and work on beliefs, paired with the first knee techniques bring you a big step forward in this video.

Training Video 15

The focus of this instructional video are Kicks and the exam contents for the 7th Kup.