Videos zum 8. Kup

zum 8. Kup

Here you should deepen your knowledge of the basic techniques you have learned and by now you should also have a better awareness of left and right. An improved general fitness and understanding of the values associated with training should accompany your daily routine.

Training Video 5

In this video you will be working on the basic kicks Nerio and Tollio Chagi as well as various knifehands (Sudo) and fist combinations.

Training Video 6

This video will teach you basic combinations with hand and foot and the first Ilbo Taeryon (= one- step sparring) techniques. Further points are fitness and Nerio Chagis.

Training Video 7

First grips, Nerio combinations, double kicks and the 2nd Hyong are the focus of this sequence of exercises.

Training Video 8

In this unit you will improve your fitness levels and your understanding of the forms (Hyong and Poomse). This video expands your knowledge of basic techniques and invites you also to work on your character building.

Training Video 9

The contents of this video conentrate on fitness and preparation for the 8th school grade.